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About CRI

At Cannalytics RI, we have specifically designed our team to support the needs of our community in this developing regulatory landscape. The Rhode Island medical marijuana and hemp programs are becoming increasingly demanding in regards to the regulated testing required to get your products on the shelves. Learn how our combined 30 years of laboratory experience and passion for cannabis science can support your growth from seed to sale. 

         CRI has three founding employees with a combined 30 years of laboratory experience.  Two of which were instrumental in setting up a fully licensed and operational cannabis laboratory in Warwick, Rhode Island.  Tanya Luongo and Michael Pytell spent a full year developing extensive and thorough methods, procedures and manuals that lead to licensure of one of only three cannabis labs in the state of Rhode Island.  In addition to obtaining the licensures, Ms. Luongo and Mr. Pytell have been instrumental in the industry for developing and bringing unique testing procedures to the cannabis industry. For instance, low level beverage extraction procedures and analysis methods not yet used by any RI cannabis laboratory, and utilizing plating technology, meant for the food and beverage industry, with in-house method development.    With the knowledge and experience these two individuals bring to the table, Cannalytics RI will be able to consistently report samples in a timely manner and develop new methodology for the vast growing marijuana infused product market. 

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